White Oak : White Oak Threats

White Oak gypsy moth drawing

Gypsy Moth Drawing (H.M. Dixon)

The most serious threat to white oak trees is the gypsy moth. It was accidently brought to American before the 1900’s, and since then has spread and killed white oak trees all over the United States. Gypsy moths feed on white oaks and other oaks. They have caused the loss of many white oak trees. Gypsy moths work by laying eggs in the tree that then hatch into caterpillars that end up feeding on the leaves of the tree itself. If these pests are not controlled it could cause a serious problem for the white oak population.

White oak gypsy moth 2

Gypsy Moth (J.E. Appleby)

Another major threat to white oak trees are several variations of fungi that can kill parts of the tree and in rare cases lead to death. The most serious fungi that poses a threat to white oak trees is called anthracnose. A tree affected by this disease is noticeable because the fungus causes the leaves to look blotchy or curl. Two other fungi, oak wilt and oak leaf blister, are threats to white oak trees.