White Oak : White Oak Medicinal Qualities

White Oak Leaves and Acorns Drawing

White Oak Leaves and Acorn Drawing (Pierre Joseph Redoute)

Many Native American tribes used white oak for its medicinal qualities, and herbalists still use it today. Various Native American tribes used white oak to treat mouth sores, diarrhea, asthma, coughs, and chapped skin. Many tribes also used white oak to make fever-reducing washes and antiseptics. Some Native American tribes would gather over 500 pounds of acorns and store them to be used for the whole year. Many Native American tribes believed the acorns to be medicinal. Sometimes, the acorns would be left in a damp place to go moldy and then the mold would be scraped off and used for sores or cuts.

The oak tree is also used by herbalists today. Modern herbalists use the oak tree to treat diarrhea, bleeding, and throat infections. They also use white oak to make creams or salves that can help with burns, wounds, and to fight infection. Many of the medicinal qualities that oaks had for Native Americans are the same for herbalists in modern times.