Northern White Cedar : Overview

Northern White Cedar

Home & Garden: Arborvitae: an evergreen for everybody. Meader, R. (2010).

Trees, like humans, have their own names, families, history, shapes and characteristic. There is a good example: Northern White Cedar. As you may know, a group of trees which belong to a same family have similar features. However, each one of them is unique and distinguishable, because they are grown in different places with different soil constitution. That is how trees connect to environment. Northern White Cedar, for example, is ever-green and grown in North America. In other words, the lakeshore and forest environments influence how trees are going to shape, and how deep the root will spread. Besides, trees are also beneficial to other living beings, like humans and animals. Their relationship of benefit is unconscious sometimes, and it is worth mentioning that trees and humans benefit each other, like the medicinal uses and construction. Therefore, I will divide the following article into two parts, the natural and cultural by describing Northern White Cedar, which has special natural characteristics and a good cultural relationship with humans.