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Have you ever realized how many uses you can get from one plant? Too often, humans categorize a plant or tree into one section, as though it only has one use. This is misleading, because trees and plants have so many uses. The white oak tree is one of those plants. When people think of white oak trees, they often think of acorns and squirrels. Of course, the white oak tree provides this source of nourishment for squirrels, but they are also have so many other uses.

The cabinets in your kitchen? There is a good chance they are made of white oak wood. The hardwood floors you walk on everyday? Also a good chance they were made from white oak. It is possible that the cream you are using to soothe your wound is made from white oak extract. And the wood you burn in your fireplace? It is also very possible that it is white oak. Look around the room you are in as you read this, many parts of it could be white oak. Even the chair you are sitting in!