Flowering Cherry : Overview

North Japanese Hill Cherry

Oh Yama Zakura, la mer. Autan (2008)

Dating back to ancient Japan, the flowering cherry tree is a perennial symbol of life and beauty. The beautiful flora has an ability to capture the attention of people from all social classes and backgrounds (Kuitert, 1999). Pink and white blossoms fill the air during flowering, creating an intoxicatingly fresh, sweet aroma. Their attraction is universal. Symbolism of the flowering cherry permeates the history of humanity in the most delicate way, much like the graceful blossoms it produces. Vermont is the home to the Prunus sargentii, a tree indigenous to the mountains of Japan. However, this species is special and may provide new methods of providing healthcare in the future. The symbol of life is brought full-circle through this cherry. Transcendent in nature, the Prunus sargentii is a unique tree with an infinite meaning.