» Restless Lady: Life & Times of Frances Parkinson Keyes
Thumbnail for topicExplore the family life, career, and writings of Frances Parkinson Keyes (1885-1970), a political journalist and best-selling author... more
» UVM Tree Profiles
Thumbnail for topicNearly 2,200 trees can be found on the campus of the University of Vermont. From tall and stately to short and quirky, each tree has a unique story.... more
» EAT: The Social Life of Food
Thumbnail for topicEAT: The Social Life of Food examines the dynamic relationship between people and food. The exhibit approaches food as a part of human life across temporal, cultural, and geographic distance ... more
» Working the Landscape
Thumbnail for topicWhile often imagined as an unchanging and iconic place, Vermont’s landscape is the result of diverse and ongoing activities. (Digital companion to exhibit at Bailey/Howe Library through August 2014)... more
» Context and Meaning in Baroque Art
Thumbnail for topicDrawing from the collections of the Fleming Museum, this exhibit explores four major areas of intersection of Baroque art and ideas that these objects document: Religion, Politics and Propaganda, Exploration, and the Social World of the Artist.... more
» Italy in Crisis: Plague in the 14th Century
Thumbnail for topic"What more can be said except that the cruelty of heaven... was such that between March and July, thanks to the force of the plague...more than one hundred thousand people died within the walls of Florence.".... more
» Frances Parkinson Keyes
Thumbnail for topicAmong the many treasures housed in Special Collections at the University of Vermont are thirteen boxes of correspondence, records, early writings and several manuscripts (some unpublished) of best-selling author Frances Parkinson Keyes ... more
» Human Forms, Human Functions
Thumbnail for topicThis exhibit showcases the diversity of human forms in art from around the world. Although all reflect idealized representations of particular human... more
» Consuelo Northrop Bailey
Thumbnail for topicConsuleo Northrop Bailey (1899-1976) was a prominent political figure in Vermont from the 1920s to the 1970s, serving as State's Attorney, State... more
» Vermont Artisan Cheese
Thumbnail for topicFrom a 1787 letter from Levi Allen (Ethan and Ira’s brother) to an article about a recent Cheese Festival, this exhibit tells the story of the cheese industry in Vermont.... more
» Metals/Materials/Culture
Thumbnail for topicCurated by the students of Anthropology 250 (UVM’s Museum Anthropology seminar course) who researched objects from the Fleming Museum's... more