UVM Tree Profiles


Everyday the UVM campus is full of life. Sandwiched between Mount Mansfield and Lake Champlain, campus is the site of many breathtaking views both in and outside the classrooms and buildings. Equally inspiring are the nearly 2,200 trees that call UVM home. From tall and stately to short and quirky, each tree has a unique story. Which trees were brought from far away places? Which have medicinal properties?

The links to the right tell some of these stories. From information on how these trees thrive, to the legends that they have kindled, each tree serves to give a new perspective on the significance of trees in our culture. Highlighting and showcasing these trees on campus throught this exhibit is a wonderful way to emphasize each of the tree's significance to UVM.

One of UVM's future aspirations is to become a "tree campus." Our goal for this exhibit is to create awareness about the trees on campus, and we believe this awareness will be the first step to achieving "tree campus" status in the future. However, there are five standards that must be met before UVM can become a true tree campus: a tree advisory committee needs to be established, a tree care plan needs to be put into effect, a tree program with annual expenditures needs to be designed, an Arbor Day observance should be marked, and a service learning project should be completed by each student. Hopefully UVM will be able to meet these goals in the near future.

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