Bald Cypress : Overview

Bald Cypresses in Okenfenokee Swamp

Bald Cypresses growing out of the water in Okenfenokee Swamp (Ryan Hagerty, Novemeber 3, 2014) 

By Ariana Ferraro 


The Bald Cypress, or Taxodium distichum, is a beautiful organism. The tree is native to the freshwater swampy regions of the southern United States where it is surrounded by abundant wildlife. In these swampy ecosystems, there are various species of birds such as Osprey, cranes, and Woodstork, fish, and alligators. When the tree is in its natural swampy habitat Spanish moss hangs off the branches and the tree is able to show off its beautiful natural features such as its “knees” and buttressed trunk. These swamps are so dramatically different from other ecosystems in the world that many swamp regions are dedicated as national parks or reserves. For example, the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refugee Swamp located in Southeast Georgia strives to preserve the swamp while simultaneously educating the public. Read on to learn more about how this tree functions, its uses, and how a tree native to the southern swampy regions of the United States ended up in Vermont.