Northern White Cedar : Traditional Uses

northern white cedar

Tranditional use of White Cedar. New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council(n.d.).

Northern white cedar is a species of great historical significance, especially in some tribes of Native Americans, such as Ojibwe and Maniwaki. The wood and bark of white cedar are contributed to craft, construction, and canoe. People who live in a wet place are annoyed by the rain and wind, so they realized that they need to find out a new construct material as “protection against drifting snow and freezing rain”, which can keep warm and dry. The wood of white cedar is the best choice, because the wetland habitat makes it more durable than other trees, and is not easy to fire. In addition to that, it is also “one of the lightest in weight”. Later on, it has been used widely. It is mostly used for rustic fencing, posts, lumber, and poles. It still can be used for canoe ribs, paneling, lagging, and tubs. Until today, Cedar-made lumbers and logs are still being used to make house, because it can resist insects and rot, and it is light but strong.