Later Years: Promoting Republican Party Politics : Salute to Connie Bailey

Connie Bailey's Farewell Speech

This is the hand-written speech that Consuelo N. Bailey presented at her celebratory dinner. Throughout her speech, there are different symbols and abbreviations that she uses as shorthand.


The farewell speech that Consuelo Northrop Bailey presents at her celebratory dinner touches on several events throughout her political and law career. She expounds on her time in Washington during the early stages of her political career, and how, to many people’s dismay, she thoroughly enjoyed working in an environment almost completely lead by men. Throughout her oration, she celebrates being a Republican, the places she had been, and the many people and friends that she encountered along the way. She speaks to the current politics of the 1970s and the Vietnam War. Consuelo Northrop Bailey thanks all of her supporters, and imparts endearing advice to her fellow Republicans.


Salute to Connie Bailey Photos


January 1974


Salute to Connie Bailey Celebration Program

This is the dinner program that was distributed at the event. Inside it includes a bio of both Consuelo N. Bailey, Ronald Reagan, and how the course of the evening was to go.