Personal and Professional Life : Overview

Consuelo Northrop Bailey had many great accomplishments for a woman of her time period. Some of her achievements included beginning a law career at a young age and maintaining a healthy balance between her political career and social and family life. For example, CNB claimed that although women had overcome many obstacles, there were still many barriers blocking them from their ultimate goal of equality and liberty. In order to change this, CNB spread awareness about prejudice towards women in politics, and attempted to change the perception of women. In addition, CNB was involved in clubs such as the Zonta Club, which provided resources for women. CNB also maintained personal relationships with both family and political figures, including Grace Coolidge, Chief Judge Bolitha J. Laws, and Henry Albon Bailey (her husband). These relationships are conveyed through numerous letters and documents that ultimately show CNB's accomplishments in both her political career and social life.