Early Political Career : Overview

The early political career of Consuelo Northrop Bailey began in 1925, when she graduated from Boston University with a law degree, and ended in 1955, when she finished being a state representative. While her political career didn’t end until her retirement in 1973, her political moves became fewer and farther between. The peak of Bailey’s political career was in 1935, when she was the secretary to Senator Ernest W. Gibson. At this point, Bailey received multiple invitations from women such as Eleanor Roosevelt because of her political work, and she corresponded with men as powerful as Charles Plumley, who took the position of Senator Gibson after his retirement and just so happened to be her cousin. Her success continued to grow after this point, but the early 1930s was when it all began. Consuelo Northrop Bailey was an extraordinary woman, and her early political career was filled with the success and triumph she deserved as the first woman who served in so many political positions.