Life in Washington, D.C. : Hoover and the Women Voters

Keyes was involved in politics since the day she was married. Her husband was the governor of New Hampshire and then a senator. She was always by his side and learned a lot about how politics work. She used this to get President Hoover on her side while he was campaigning. Keyes liked him, but he didn’t necessarily present himself to women. She contacted him and discussed many issues, and eventually convinced him to appeal to women, which he realized would help him win the election. Without Keyes and her ambition, Hoover might not have ever been elected, and all of the things he did for women may never have happened. Soon after Hoover won the election, he specifically thanked the women voters. He knew that because of Keyes and her followers, he won the election, and the women helped him win it by a landslide. That year ended up being, at the time, the year in which the most women voted. Hoover owed a lot to Keyes and women in general, which is why he ended up helping women a lot in the long run. Keyes saw this potential before President Hoover was even elected. She knew if she could get Hoover on her side and her followers on his side, women would have a brighter future.