Frances Parkinson Keyes


Among the many treasures housed in Special Collections at the University of Vermont are thirteen boxes of correspondence, records, early writings and several manuscripts (some unpublished) of best-selling author Frances Parkinson Keyes (rhymes with “skies”).  Author of over 50 books, Keyes also wrote extensively for Good Housekeeping, Delineator, Better Homes and Gardens, and Ladies Home Journal. When her husband became the US Senator for New Hampshire she entered the world of politics, writing in support of women’s causes and traveling the globe as a foreign correspondent for Good Housekeeping.

This exhibit is the first of two that draw from the collection of her papers. It outlines the key events of her life, strives to show the breadth of her writing career and makes available documents by and about Keyes’ remarkable life.


Created by the students of HST095: Digital History: American Women's History