White Mulberry : Conclusion

GUCCI Gold SILK Shimmering RED CARPET Cummerbund Gown RUNWAY Long Dress S 4-40

Gucci Gold Silk Shimmering Gown. (2012)

            The White Mulberry may be inconspicuous and modest upon first glance, but its potential is great.  Its capacity for producing well-fed silkworms has long been established. Beyond that, this tree provides a pleasant shade on a hot summer’s day and healing powers within its bark and leaves. The tree is part of America’s capitalistic story, from the prosperous and competitive days of the silk industry to its inevitable decline. Indeed, the White Mulberry is a compatriot offering a multitude of benefits that help us prosper and be well. Just as the Roman Emperor Justinian I, of the sixth century, wore silk, one can still wear silk and reflect on the remarkable tree that contributed to one’s garment (Cobb, 1833).