Tulip Tree : Enemies, or No?

The Tulip Tree is a tree that thrives in light and does not like to compete with other trees in its vicinity for sunlight.  Many other large trees that are similar to the Tulip Tree have fallen victim to the Gypsy Moth, but interestingly enough, this very pest helps the Tulip Tree thrive.  The Gypsy Moth is a huge pest in North America and the moth specifically likes hardwood trees.  Some of the hardwood trees that the pest has attacked include oaks, apples, and basswoods.  In the year of 1981 this pest defoliated nearly 12.9 million acres of trees in North America.  Though the Tulip Tree is a hardwood similar to those mentioned, the Gypsy Moth has yet to attack it.  This species is generally very resilient to pests and diseases, but it was discovered that the Tulip Tree has a combination of chemicals in its leaves, bark, and wood that make it undesirable to the gypsy moth.  When the Gypsy Moth attacks and kills other trees, it is actually giving the Tulip Tree the opportunity to thrive in its niche because the Tulip Tree no longer has to compete for sunlight.