Star Magnolia : The Basic Information

Star Magnolia Trunks

Trunks of Magnolia. Ettman, K. (2013)

The Stellata Magnolia, more commonly known as the star magnolia, is originally from Honshu Island in Japan. The tree is deciduous, grows roughly 15’ to 20’ tall and 10’ to 15’ wide. It generally ends up looking rounded. It also grows in zones 4-8* which are hardiness zones that the United States is divided up into. It is also in the group Dicot and perennial.


The Flowers range from white to pink with many, roughly 12, petals. The flowers are known for being beautiful which leads to its use as an ornamental. The blooms are slightly fragrant and occur in the early spring.

The Bark is also known for its beauty. The bark is a silvery gray color and smooth.

Propagation takes place through seeds and cuttings.

Star Magnolia Buds

Buds and Snow. Ettman, K. (2013)

Family Magnoliaceace

The Buds are known for being large and fuzzy.

Fruit is an aggregate fruit meaning it forms from multiple ovaries. It is a red-green color about two inches long. The fruit opens in early fall from little slits which show orange-red seeds. 

Diseases may include: Gray Mold, Verticillium Wilt, and Wood rots and decays. Leafrollers and magnolia scale may also cause damage.