Sour Cherry Tree : Sour Cherry UVM

University of Vermont Green.

University of Vermont Green, Wikimedia Commons (AlexiusHoratius).

Northstar:  The Northstar cherry, one of the fruiting cherry trees present on the University of Vermont campus, is a small tree is usually approximately ten feet with an approximate canopy width of eight feet. In the spring, the Northstar cherry produces white blossoms that are later followed by dark and large sour red cherry fruit. The Northstar has dark green foliage with pointy leaves and serrated edges that turn a vibrant orange in autumn (British Columbia). The Northstar sour cherry tree on campus is located at the north end of Jeffords Hall. It is positioned in the middle of the grass lawn and is about 5-6 feet tall. 

Montmorency:  The Montmorency cherry, the other fruiting cherry tree present on the University of Vermont campus, is a sour cherry tree. In the spring, its’ flowers are a snow-white color, that lead to a bright red cherry fruit in the summer warm months. The usual height of the Montmorency cherry tree is approximately twenty feet with a canopy of a similar range (British Columbia). The Montmorency cherry tree on campus is located on the west side of Jeffords Hall (Davis Center side) in the second flowerbed past the large cement walkway.