American Beech : American Beech: Industrial Uses

American Beech industrial uses

American Beech trunk (Tim Ross, March 2007)

Beech wood is great for the production of methanol, acetate, and wood tar. For more common functions, beech lumber is manufactured into boxes, crates, baskets, and many kinds of general woodenware like handles, brooms, and brushes. Beeches also provide nice firewood and wood from which charcoal is made.
Additionally, American Beech wood is useful for making food containers since it releases neither taste nor odor. The wood’s hardness and strength coupled with its ability to take preservative treatment made it suitable to be made into railroad ties decades ago. Even while enduring friction and water, American beech wood stays smooth and wears nicely, so it is widely utilized as flooring in factories. Because its durability is enhanced in wet conditions, the American Beech was used to construct waterwheels as well as wooden shoes that repelled water in swampy areas. It also provided material to make old-fashioned washing machines.