Lombardy : Tomb of Saint Augustine

Tomb of Saint Augustine

Tomb of Saint Augustine

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During the time of the Renaissance, it was becoming a common practice for deceased saints to be buried in elaborate and monumental tombs. This was seen throughout Europe with some of the most beautiful and intricate tombs standing throughout Italy,including the tomb of Saint Augustine of Hippo which is still standing today in the San Pietro Bascillica of Pavia, Italy. 

The tomb in which Saint Augustine is buried is considered to be one of the most elaborate Italian tombs of the fourteenth century. The construction of the tomb began in the 1350’s CE. It is located at the center of the chancel and is built from marble of Carrara. It was initially commissioned by the Prior of the Augustinians and later by the bishop of Lodi, Msgr. Conifacio Bottigella. The tomb is comprised of 95 statues and stands at about 4 feet tall over the base of the tomb. It is carved on all four sides, the wider sides have three arched openings and the ends where his head and feet lie have a single arch looking into the interior of the tomb. The tomb illustrates scenes from Augustine’s life, as well as the theological virtues, and the apostles. 

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