About this Exhibit

Fields (Title)

Fields (Title), 2014. Art by Anna Ayers. Design by Kristyn Achilich & Katrina Light.  

Working the Landscape: Vermont's Fields, Trails & Forests is a two-part exhibit.

The physical exhibit is on view in the lobby of Bailey/Howe Library from May—August 2014. The exhibit features displays on Vermont's fields, forests, and trails as well as policies that shape Vermont's landscape.

Also on display are quotes from respondents to our Working Landscape Survey. This survey was administered by FS 350 students in March 2014 via email to attendees of the December 2013 Summit on the Future of Vermont's Working Landscape at Vermont Technical College. 

The digital exhibit showcases items on view in the library as well as contextual information about the historic and contemporary Vermont landscape. Links to additional resources are available throughout the site. 

Trails (Title)

Trails (Title), 2014. Art by Anna Ayers. Design by Kristyn Achilich & Katrina Light.   


Who we Are

This exhibit is the outcome of a service-learning project for the Bailey/Howe Library conducted by master's degree students enrolled in UVM’s Food Systems Graduate Program. The students applied their disciplinary perspectives from the fields of anthropology, community development, geography, communications, sociology, food security, animal science, and network analysis in the research for this capstone project.  


FS 350 Students: Kristyn Achilich, Rachel DiStefano, Katrina Light, Cecile Reuge, Andrea Suozzo & Kristina Sweet

Service-learning Partners: Elizabeth Berman & Prudence Doherty, Bailey/Howe Library

Instructor: Cheryl Morse, Geography

Omeka site design by Andrea Suozzo & Kristina Sweet with assistance from Hope Greenberg, Center for Teaching and Learning, and Amber Billey, Bailey/Howe Library.

Working Landscape Survey design and analysis by Rachel DiStefano & Cecile Reuge. 

About this Exhibit