Working the Landscape: Vermont's Fields, Trails & Forests

Vermont landscapes are the outcome of natural processes and human work.

While often imagined as an unchanging and iconic place, Vermont’s landscape is the result of diverse and ongoing activities. This exhibit highlights the people, tools, and practices that have shaped Vermont's fields, forests and recreational spaces. The exhibit also draws attention to the policies that have influenced how people work the land. Woven through the exhibit are the voices of Vermonters who reflect on what they value most about the state’s working landscape.

Explore the Digital Exhibit

This digital exhibit is a companion to the exhibit now on view in the lobby of Bailey/Howe Library through August 2014. To explore this site, choose from the links to the right to learn more about Vermont's fields, trails and forests, policies that shape the landscape, and the results of our survey of Vermonters who value the working landscape. 

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Created by the students of FS 350: Food Systems Applications, Spring 2014.
For full credits and acknowledgments, see About this Exhibit.

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