New England's Market during the 18th and 19th Centuries : The Vermont Dairymen's Association

Seen here are four pages of a six-page annual report of the transactions of the Vermont Dairymen's Association. Featured is the relationship between skim milk and the quality of cheese and the process used to make cheese using skim milk, as opposed to raw milk. This report goes into detail about the types of curds and the quality of timing needed to make a fully digestable cheese, acknowledging the fact that not all people are able to digest cheese. 

The association also goes into describing selling aspect of cheese, as pertaining to the best portions of cheese to be sold and the level of ripening needed in order for the cheese to be at it's prime, including the time it takes for the product to be shipped.

In this portion of the Vermont Dairymen's Association's collection of reports, it is described how skim milk, in spite of what people thought at the time, was not hazardous to one's health. It sheds light into the start of skim milk usage, foreshadowing the future of pasteurization and other means of standardization, which is such a prominent practice today.