Cheese in the 21st Century : Cheese Industry in Vermont

The cheese industry in Vermont has gone through many changes over time. Although mass quantities of cheese are shipped around the country, recently many people are more interested in the idea of buying from local markets. In this century, Vermont traditional cheesemakiers is rising as the demand for this product is increasing. Certain farms in Vermont, such as Jasper Hill Farm, are looking to expand their caves, try new aging processes and increase the number of cheeses they make. While yes, this type of cheesemaking, compared to factory production, is more expensive in the markets, it brings a better quality of cheese and certainly more interesting flavors, textures, and styles of cheese. Starting in the late 20th century and continuing to recent times, more people from Vermont are learning traditional cheese making and making it when they have time.  In "Cheesemaking a growing industry in Vermont", talks of a wife and husband who are aspiring cheesemakers, that work on cheese in their spare time. Overall, the Vermont artisian cheese industry, is something to look out for within the coming years.