Cheese in the Early 20th Century : Farm Accounts and Scales

Scales: The Howe Scale Co., 1912 (43); "Cheese Factory Scales" pgs 28-29

Images reveal the different models with specifications of The Howe Scale Company’s cheese factory scales. The comparisons between models show the difference between the old and new one hundred pound beams. Not only does the price increase by seven dollars but also the new beam is not capable of holding two hundred more pounds.

The second Cheese Factory Scale is a five- and seven-bar beam that has also been enhanced. The five-bar beam increased by three dollars and is graduated from one pound to two hundred pounds. The five-bar beam can hold six hundred pounds and the seven-bar beam can hold one thousand pounds. These factory scales are a necessity to cheese making.

This image is a handwritten daybook of a Putney, Vermont farm's sales from 1900 to 1905. The daybook was written by Edith W. Holton for the farm accounts of Mrs. Ann J. Holton.