Henry W Keyes to Frances P. Wheeler [Keyes]
Letter, 1901 October 22


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Henry W Keyes to Frances P. Wheeler [Keyes]
Letter, 1901 October 22


A letter from Henry W Keyes [Harry] to FPK addressing her intended lawsuit against the town of Haverhill after FPK fell off of her horse on the Keyes farm. Harry informs her that her claim was made over a year after the accident and thus she cannot not be compensated.




From the collection of Frances Parkinson Keyes, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library.




Digitized, Transcribed by Jacob Cuddihy.


Response from Harry to FPK regarding her intended lawsuit against Haverhill.


Typewritten letter.




Newbury, Vermont. Haverhill, New Hampshire.

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Henry W. Keyes,
Charles J. Pike,
Dexter L. Hawkins, Selectmen,
Albert F. Kimball, Town Clerk,
Herbert W. Allen, Treasurer,

Town of Haverhill,
New Hampshire.

#1002. 6.AM.
Ne.Haverhill, N.H., Oct.22nd., 1901.

Miss Frances P. Wheeler,
Newbury, Vt.

Dear Madam:-
Some time ago information reached the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of the town of Haverhill to the effect that you had met with a painful injury while driving on the highways of said town, while descending the hill north of the Keyes Farm so-called, and that it was your intention to bring a suit against said town to recover damages.
Section 7, Chapter 76 of the Public Statutes of New Hampshire distinctly state that every person making a claim against a town by virtue of accidents happening on highways shall, within ten days from the date of receiving injury, file with one of the Selectmen and the Clerk of such town a written statement, under oath, setting forth the exact place where and the time when the injury was received, a full description thereof, the extent of the same, and the amount of damages claimed therefor.
This accident, it is understood, occurred in the early part of summer of 1901, and consequently the time has long since passed in which a claim for damages could be legally entertained.
I would say, however, that there is no disposition to take advantage of any technicality, and that it it is felt that some recognition should be taken of a matter of such importance, and one so deeply to be regretted. It is hardly necessary for me to say that a money award commensurate with any injury you might have received would of course be something entirely beyond the ability of the town to meet.
At a meeting recently held in Haverhill, at which the writer was present, it was voted unanimously to leave the adjustment of this regrettable case to the chairman of the Board. Acting upon the decision of this meeting I have taken the liberty to have forwarded to you at Newbury by today’s express a small package, a scrap as it were, which I hope you will see fit to accept as an earnest of the writers good will.
Trusting that you have fully recovered and that your unfortunate experience was not such as to forever keep you on the Vermont side of the Connecticut river, I beg to remain,
Most Respectfully Yours,
Henry W Keyes.

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Letter, 1901 October 22,” Omeka@CTL, accessed July 21, 2024, https://libraryexhibits.uvm.edu/omeka/items/show/1294.
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