Cheese From WWI to WWII : Vermont Department of Agriculture

A study on the consumption of dairy products in Burlington, Vermont in May of 1938. Data and lists taken in this particular bulletin were taken by H. B. Ellenberger and Joseph T. Stearns. Compared to previous years this evaluation of the comsumption of dairy product has declined, this is due to the midst of the Great Depression and the beginning works of World War II. 

This document is a list of creameries in the different counties of Vermont along with a few in New York and Massachusetts. It includes the name of the plant, name of the operator, postal address and name of the manager. The Vermont Department of Agriculture published this to inform people of the creameries and condensaries in 1921. What is most interesting about this document is that numerous creameries and condensaries are located in Orleans, Vermont and it is located near the Canadian boarder. Most of the other creameries and condensaries are located in southern Vermont.